Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Night Comes

I wrote this bit Sunday. There is no art to post with this, I am not flowing freely.

"I have come to face the facts that I am taking Lunesta so I can sleep, not just to sleep but to put a quick end to my day because I am starting to hate my life."

Last night was a first night in a long time that I went without the Lunesta. I still had an 'aide', I had for the first time in years had weed, which went over well with me. Until bedtime. Prior to that, I had watched House of 1000 Corpses, and whenever I closed my eyes there were images I wasn't actively imagining. Some were gruesome, and made me throw my legs over Jim because I believed Dr Satan was coming for me... but I had one sight that I stopped and lingered on for a bit. Maybe a minute or so.

It was..

the Gateway Maitofif. Now, that gateway is one that I've decided, is the portal to the other world, the Fallen place, where all my critters reside. I don't need to see it to know it's there, it just is. All of the Phantasms and Lore seep out from there, I can't go in because I'm needed here. But the stories of the Fallen, they come out to me to be written. And now I saw this gate, it was actually a mirror. A full body one, very wide too, against a fuschia wall. It was dark in there though, the room was horizontally long and thin and the mirror tucked towards the back right. Over it was the head of the Bird Moor, who is like a guardian. It was a statue, glowing a neon blue. The mirror's edge, wrapping around it, was the Snake Moor. It was green. Very bright colors in this vision, when it was seen. Which is sort of parallel to what the Fallen world is like.

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