Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Nature of the Pariah

As autumn leads to winter, I seek my solitude away from the sots and bloodsuckers that tend to stick themselves to me during the middle of the year. It is my fault for letting them ride this far, but, there is always a reason and purpose for someone being in my life. This solitude leads to an increase in both activities: the Lore and the Entities. I feel that there is nothing more I can do with the Entities until more Lore reveals itself. I had wondered where it was, and now it is revealed belly up. Take it, and use it, it was meant for this reason and leave no one crying at your feet. They've made themselves useful, use them.

And I'll write about Zoe, because she was revealed.

Once a woman who'd been brought to destroy, she eventually learns to build and express compassion. Now as a builder, she comes across a skeletal structure with a very broken frame and weak base. It took time and coaxing, but the house grew and flourished and began to feel more like a home. It allowed her inside, where she nested happily. But although the outside was within perfection, the house proved that the skeletal frame was still broken, and perhaps even more than that, it was rotted. Rotted beyond any sort of repair. There was no longer any reason to stay there as the house creaked and sighed heavily, announcing that it was on the verge of collapse. Self destruction was always a pitiful thing to watch, but Zoe no longer stepped in to prevent it. She'd been burned too many times from the rotten house's warning flames. One night, she took a memory (one piece of wood) which the house greatly disapproved of because if discovered, it would reveal that the house was not as perfect as it had been displaying. With this taken wood, she removed one of her own foundational boards and created a new house. The older one fell soon after, investigators believed it may have been a self-inflicted arson.

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