Monday, October 12, 2009

Art is the New Romance

I've learned that nothing will be as faithful, attentive and trustworthy than my imagination, from where the entities spring forth. Ah the love life, never a dull moment.

This guy, this is Topper Fox. He's just a random sample fox. When I learn how to post more than one image here, I'll put the rest up.


  1. Ah~ To add another image you do the regular 'add image' thing. Right under the "add an Image from your Computer" or the "Or add an image from the web" there are blue letters saying "add another image" you click that and you can add more than one.

    You can only load like 5 at a time I think. After that is loaded you just click the image thingy again and add in more.

    btw, I like the gleam/lighting around his eyes. Very nice ^o^