Sunday, November 14, 2010

Iron Artist

1. These are bust shots only, single character.

2. You have a choice of what I call singular color, or dual color. You must specify this in your inquiry.
a. Singular color basically means... well.. everything on the image is one color, except added white spots in the eyes. Hair and eyes and lips will not be colored in solidly. They will remain sketchy. These are between $10.
b. Dual color is me picking one color from your character and coloring hair, eyes, lips, and some random other spots. These are $15.

When I say 'between', that means it's up to you, which price you want to pay, but that's the min/max amount.

3. Your choice of an overall 'feel' - cold or warm?

4. Please remember that these are sketches. They are not refined masterpieces and are done to get a good quick 'feel' to the character. You may of course, hang onto your sketch and at a later point, I may offer commissions to ink them, and possibly color.

5. Please, please, please read my ToS, which is here: Terms of Service
I am not responsible if you fail to read and understand what is written here!

6. You may order as many as you want.

7. And my all-time emphasis: Do not note me on FA/DA! Use my email address: I know the note systems are easy because they don't require logging into your email to send me something, but due to FA's sometimes unsteadiness, I am more comfortable working through email. Please specify your username and if you are coming from deviantart or furaffinity so there are no mix-ups!