Thursday, October 8, 2009

Commission Terms of Service

Things I will draw:
I will draw G rating - PG-13 rating.

Things I will not draw.
This means I will not draw sex, sexual acts, anything that could be interpreted as a sexual act, bodies being shredded to a million pieces, scat, vore, cub art, watersports. Actually, ask me before hand if I will draw your idea. I do not draw male/female genitalia. Bare breasts are okay as long as it is tasteful. I also absolutely do not allow my own characters to be portrayed nude (females may be topless if tasteful) or in sexual situations (sex acts).

Commission quality: This is a big one. If you pay me $10, expect a sketch back. I cannot justify being paid $40 dollars for an image that takes me well over 10 hours to complete. Either you get a quick, less detailed and finished image for cheap, or you pay extra to get something better. I rarely have set prices for my work. These are usually advertised as $10 sketches or $XX badges/pin-ups. Anything else is generally worked out by hourly rates. The more complicated an image, the longer it will take.

Reference images: Due to site outages and general preference, I will no longer be working from images linked on Please either attach your reference images to the inquiry email, or upload to a photo hosting site.

Linework changes: No changes to line work will be accepted after the coloring stage has begun. If there are linework changes that are absolutely required to be made after this stage, you will be charged 50% of what you paid for the commission.

Who retains what rights to the image?
I do, and if you want the rights, you will have to discuss this privately with me. I do not mind it if you repost the image, my only wish is that you link back to me and let others know I am open for that type of commission. I also retain the right to post or not post any commission I complete to my own online galleries.

Process and payment: Email me at coffinberryart[@] to start the commission process. In the email, please send your username, description of what you want. You will be asked to agree to my terms of service (which is this) so make sure you understand what is written here! I accept paypal. After you pay me, I will start the sketching phase and will send it to you. You have two free revisions, after which I will charge $5. So be thorough!

If you decide to cancel the commission after it has already been worked on, there will be a refund issued, but you will be charged a fee for my time. I also retain the rights to terminate any commission at any time for any reason.

I do work on commissions scatteredly. This means sometimes I am in the mood to work on one person or anothers - don't think I'm giving up on you!

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