Saturday, December 12, 2009

This is an explanation of what happens from the Gate Maitofif.

Before something is released from the Gate, it sends out A. Bugs. These bugs crawls, they tickle and sometimes they hurt, and they fill my head and it swells. I get very irritable, very swollen and frustrated.

The bugs then calm, and form the B. Phantasm. The phantasm is whatever information the Fallen People have chosen to send out to me at that time. It is a mix of black and white, because I'm not sure what it's going to turn into. It swirls around a bit and leaves me guessing.

The Phantasm splits and the first half becomes either a:
c.1 - Pearl - A lighter visual. This leaves me feeling pleasant and light.
c.2 - Rook - A darker visual. This leaves me dark and wanting death.

The second half becomes D. The Lore. This is the auditory sent.

It all combines to make E. The Entity.

After the Entity has been complete, I'm left empty for awhile.

Do you see now?


  1. This is fascinating. It reminds me of going todash. I wonder if it is different for everyone. I can't say that I experience what you experience, but my characters are real. I know this unequivocally. I just wish I could make sense of everything like you have done.