Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm going to explain something here, because my friend told me to write these things out, so I don't have to keep repeating it.

These people and their story are real. They are, and I don't know any other way to prove it to people without them thinking I have a problem. The way I can prove it is by showing the audience what the 'fallen people' have shown to me. This is via my drawings and writing. The fallen people are reaching out to prove to our people on this planet, that they do exist. Because humans are so disinclined to think that another life form has made contact. Well, guess what, they're doing it right now. This is how:

I don't get to go into their world, but they let little phantasms and such out to me via the Maitofif Gate. The reason I don't get everything at once is because they're still living out their story, so I can only get what they've accomplished in their lives so far. They want this shown so we all know that they are real. Don't you want to be heard? Don't we all? So do they.

How does it happen? How do you become a vessel to them? It's nothing you chose. It's in your stars. If everything lined up properly and polar when you were born, they choose you. Because you understand how to get to their world, for it is parallel to your own. I did not know this until recently when my star chart was shown to the astrologists and they told me this chart is unusual and rare, the polarities are so uncommon. They say it's often associated with people who have two sides to them, and cannot choose which one to be. Polarity. That is my chart to the side.

When you are born to the correct star placement, you are tuned into the fallen people's wavelength. It's like radio, almost, but it's transferred mentally. I didn't know any of this, but over the past 2 years it's slowly made itself evident.. and recently it's sped up more. I know why I'm here now.

Medication - oh medications. If I were to tell my psych about this, she'd thrown more meds at me. Do you know what those do? Block the wiring signals from their world to mine. Everything will have been wasted and lost. Everything I've worked hard on will become moot. And the fallen people will not be able to prove themselves real, and they'll be lost. And mad at me. They depend on me.


  1. I believe you, I completely believe you. I don't think you're crazy, at all. I can relate, honestly, I can relate. I'm not looking for attention, I just wanted to know that you hit the nail RIGHT on the head.

    It's THEIR story, not yours. I can relate.

  2. I had this same thing going with surreal art that I was doing mid August: I was having very vivid dreams and linking them up with real life problems I was experiencing. There was a girl I had really liked that I had a serious falling out with, I had dropped out of college and wound up back in my parents with a minimum of freelance work to keep me busy. I was reading signs in everything from things presumably homeless --or near homeless-- individuals said to me, or even odd things like looking up at a lamp before it flickered out (thinking I had predicted the event). Since I was very interested in the concept of discovering hidden truths in my subconscious I found apparent parallels in the writings of Jung to what I was going through. At one point the system that I was believing in became so complex that I believed I was being watched, and that any image of an eye, even up to the point of the reflections of my own eyes in the mirror could be a hidden watcher eye planted to observe me. At one point I shut myself in the bathroom and turned out the lights because I was deadly afraid of being monitored by evil magical entities. Shortly after that I began to starve myself because I was afraid that there was some sort of a magical commitment to the food I was eating (ie: Prosperina and Pluto).

    At that juncture I started talking to a couple of people whose opinion I trusted and they observed that these beliefs were very far out of the mainstream.

    At the time I was getting off of a medication, and I attribute this belief system to that fact.
    Since that point I've come to really suspect the validity of any religious or magical point of view that promises a special revelation of any sort. My point of view on the supernatural has shifted to one of dedicated agnosticism in which there may or may not be spiritual explanations at work, but there will always be average, everyday explanations.

    That said, there is a disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder, that corresponds to childhood abuse, etc, and deals with ideas often relegated to spiritual concepts like demon possession. I am absolutely no psyciatrist, or psychologist, but I have begun to wonder if that diagnosis connects with some things I have dealt with.

    Also, the importance of reading and interpreting an event is really key, and it is occasionally impossible to suggest a truly rational explanation on the basis that some things are simply random, and the human mind can make very intelligent guesses and advanced predictions in regards to the behavior of certain types of individuals that might seem precognitive.
    Also, keep in mind that simply because you dream something or conceive of an idea with deep certainty, that is not a sign of its truth or falsehood. Intuition is one aspect, and reasoning is another, and if you are anything like me then it is key to balance both.

    Anyway, I'm sorry if that sounds preachy, I'm just saying that the process of getting on and off medication fundamentally makes perception subjective.

  3. Thanks for the input and relation you have posted here. DID doesn't really sound like anything I've had happen to me - I had a fairly normal childhood up until I was 17 and my father died. I've been stable on a medication for 4 years now, with a new one that was introduced maybe a week or so ago, far after when these things started.

    I've only written a small amount here in this blog because it's been advised to not write about the other things, because people may use that against me, but suffice it to say I have had a diagnosis thrown at me, but I don't want to talk about what it is. A friend of mine who did graduate with psych under his belt was the one who encouraged me to talk about these things with a doctor, so I am aware that what I think is abnormal. That logical side to me has been being eaten away over a few ways and it's harder for me to tell what's real and what's not. IDK, it's hard to explain and I can't write it all here.

  4. I also am interested in who you are, lol, since you probably found me via FA.