Thursday, November 5, 2009

You're Fucked Now!

This image is made of threes. Not only compositionally. Originally, the background was suited for a scene of young Eve and Finn, running away through a field of snow while their old village burned in the background. Finn was helping Eve through the fence. The second image is the foreground - Fresh faced Max, Doozer (Boris) and Tyler being given some bad news. The third? That's the new one, of an approaching 50 year old Mishenka delivering said bad news. Your past can come and haunt you, so beware. Burning a church during wartime is an unforgivable thing to him, and he may find a legal way to remove you from the military. But as I said, pasts can often haunt us, so beware Mishenka Sedov, for your own deeds may come back to bite you.

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