Monday, November 30, 2009


Greetings, 11 followers! (see that, 11)
Due to immense overload of commissions, I must halt drawing my own work. I've been itching to do more comic panels, but I think surprises await as the second story is going along much faster than the first. It is shorter, I'm trying to extend it out a bit.

Our planet shall have peace when we believe in ourselves and stop believing there is a god who has set out rules for us. There is no aim to life, there are no missions that the gods give you. If you believe otherwise, you are not free, you are enslaved by your beliefs, not a god. Freedom is knowing boundaries, but you must set your own, they are not universal. When we start to believe in ourselves, our abilities and realizations of what we can achieve grow, surpassing what we were 'allowed' by our gods. We will forever progress forward with betterment, respect and understand the harmony that plays a key in our survival.

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