Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stupidity of it All

HA! So I have returned to you, Mr Blog. No one reads you anymore as it is, your art production has ceased. Everything's topsy-turvy.

The other day, there was a white bird, sparrow sized, it was gliding over the floor. I'd like to know what it means. Black birds (the rooks) are the only.

My psych has thrown different medications at me. Ris, Lamictal, Welbutrin, Xanax was given for the plane ride overseas. These all are to make me stable. To make all of these swings and things disappear and allow me to function better? Okay, the moods disappear but the other things that go with will disappear as well. You know who.

I want to feel like one person. ONE. Not 804.

Who fucking cares.

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