Friday, October 16, 2009

Mishenka Sedov

Mishenka Gavril Sedov. Depending on which story you read, you would most likely be taking in two different men. The younger Mishenka was timid, fresh looking, and humble. The elder one is manipulative, somewhat aged in appearance, and hermit-like. He is a man of little words, and only speaks when there is something worthy of saying. An injury during his early adult life gave him the slightest limp, but he insists on carrying around a walking cane, which never left his side.

Originally from southern Kasimir (which later becomes Olenka after the war tears the country apart), he travels northward to study as a priest. In the second story, his age is roughly 30, and in the third one he is 57. Over the span of those 27 years, he became hopelessly addicted to opium via the church and the inane need to fit in with the group. His growing involvement with the church forbid him from ever having a romance in his life, which conflicted him greatly. His personal fight in story two is coming to terms with the fact that he fell for his best friend, Zoyechka (Zoe), and lost her due to his own selfish decisions. The opium addiction also plays in, as it is a major contributing factor to the destruction of the friendship. It took over his life, his desires only focused on getting a chance to smoke. With this plant, he saw 'visions', which he wrote and projected upon his fellow clergymen who revered him as all holy.

When he was 18, he was given a second chance at life. He was offered power and fame in exchange for something seemingly small. As he was never one to actively pursue goals in life, he took the chance. He entered the church of Aionism and was accepted eagerly for his knowledge and extraordinary connection with the gods. Mishenka slowly climbed the ladder to success, and it was only in his 50's that he achieved the highest ranking.

His relationship with Max Sharp, Zoe's son, was distant. Max was the only heir and therefore the closest thing to Zoe that Mishenka would ever have again. Mishenka was asked by her to take care of Max in the event that something would happen to her, leaving Pyotr in the dust (which of course angered Pyotr). In the beginning of this role, he was reluctant, as he was a child-hater. The years went by and his removed himself from the child's life, but not before imprinting his own beliefs and traits upon him. After Max took over the seat of power, Mishenka appeared in his life again, most likely to keep an eye on the newly Aionism-hating ruler, as well as to get more money funneled into the church, which began to suffer under Max's rule.

Mishenka's astrological sign is a Scorpio, which carries traits of being possessive, jealous, manipulative, yet passionate and intense with emotions. Following that, colors associated with him are black and dark hues of colors, mostly purples and reds. His character was designed to represent the personification of Death, the final stage of existence. Mishenka was based on my grandfather, both physically and personality wise.

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